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Corporate Marketing – Evolving the Puzzle

While technology advances throughout the perishable supply chain, the question remains the same… “Who is our consumer?” With all the talk of mobile devices, barcode campaigns, and social networks, what can we learn? What is our competitor learning? At greenscans, we have developed an evolutionary solution, using your existing product labels or working in conjunction with your QR Code campaign, to bring you closer together with your consumers. The solution is “Through One Scan” and “Cooperative Analysis”.

Through One Scan

Experience has shown that consumers are willing to share themselves when given a satisfactory incentive and experience. And what shoppers want most is knowledge. The knowledge to choose wisely, safely, and economically. The knowledge to prepare, enjoy and share. The knowledge that leads to feeling good about oneself and their decisions. Grocery barcode scanning from a mobile device can give knowledge and connection to every shopper via digital convergence. Every barcode on a piece of fruit, packaged berries, boxed raisins, bagged nuts, pouched dried fruit, bottled fruit juice, boxed healthy cereal, bunched vegetables, cartoned dairy, or packaged fish or meat can tell a story full of knowledge and connection to the producer. But don’t take our word for it… Learn more here. Don’t stop your shoppers at the label… Through One Scan, bring them to your digital collateral.

Cooperative Analysis

There has been a deluge of mobile shopping applications in today’s app markets. The result is a splintering of analytics. As a whole, much information can be gleaned from the mobile consumer, but only the very large and powerful corporations (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook…) can gather enough statistical evidence to be privy to their habits and preferences. greenscans has the answer. Cooperative Analysis utilizes analytics gathered from consumers and their interests in the products registered within the greenscans Perishable Product Index. The results are shared cooperatively between all our clients. This cooperative approach fosters greater competition against the market giants delivering new levels of efficiencies to all.