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greenscans Mobile Platform

The greenscans Mobile Platform (gsMP) is a set of services that can utilize existing product barcodes or complements any QR Code campaign, available to food producers, suppliers, and retailers, to deliver mobile content to a consumer via the greenscans Content Network (gsCN). The gsMP provides a foundation for businesses within the perishable food supply chain to easily, affordably, and rapidly join the consumer greenscans Mobile App content, allowing them to reach out to consumers, and give them the knowledge they desire. In return, demographics and analytics from the consumer are encouraged and collected, available for Cooperative Analysis by the greenscans community.

The pillar of our foundation is our Mobile Product Barcode Scanning (gsX) solution that provides the first commercially available software that can decode QR, Databar, UPC, and EAN barcode labels from an Apple (iOS) or Android mobile platform. Any perishable food product barcode label can now be quickly and easily scanned on the most popular mobile tablets and smartphones. Use your existing product labels or enhance your QR Code campaign with the power of greenscans.

Combine gsX with corporate and product branding that you define within the greenscans Perishable Product Index (gsPPI), to create your unique content that can be specifically tailored to your customers. Along with your own creative mobile Video, Web and Social pages, we are partnering with dozens of data providers to facilitate that CONNECTION desired between you and your customers.

Utilize the greenscans Product Promotion System (gsPPS) to promote your individual products within the greenscans Content Network whenever the shopping item is displayed. Create your own rich media promotional experience, then link it to your products whenever comparison shopping occurs on any gsCN application.

Finally, reap the rewards using greenscans Cooperative Analysis(gsZ) analytics and reporting. Get to know your customer like never before by gathering and analyzing trends and mobile Web analytics shared among all gsCN customers, in near real-time.

Our greenscans Mobile App is the flagship application built upon the greenscans Mobile Platform, built and hosted in the safety of the cloud, for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Contribute content to our greenscans Perishable Product Index and join the perishable scanning revolution!

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The first commercial GS1 Databar decoding software is now available to all greenscans customers on the greenscans Mobile Platform.



The greenscans Perishable Product Index (gsPPI) affords perishable food producers and suppliers to bring product information to the consumer via the greenscans Mobile App. greenscans utilizes the Open Graph Protocol to quickly and easily publish your product content from your own Web domain, keeping ownership in your hands and you in control of your message.